What's taking so long?

We know... you were hoping we would be open by now. Well, so were we. But good things take time, and Old Haigler Inn isn't just going to be good, it's going to be great!

Here's the nitty gritty...

We're working with an amazing team from the county to figure out code and all the things that we need to do to ensure that Old Haigler Inn has everything we need to comply with state and local regulations, as well as everything we need to make your experience at our Inn exceptional. While we'd love to fast track this process and get to the fun stuff, planning takes time, and in the end, we think you'll appreciate the attention to detail.

Speaking of detail, there is a lot of care going into planning out our spaces, from the architectural team to the finishes and color palette. We want to create an environment that is restorative and good for your soul. We want you to think of Old Haigler as a place where you can unwind and reconnect. And we want to get that right on opening day.

But, we do have some exciting news about our property and progress that we're going to share with you next week, so stay tuned!

Until then, thank you for your support and your interest in this project. We promise to share more details about the property as we have news to share. For now, we're planning!

The Haigler Family

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