The First Wedding at Old Haigler Inn - Joy & Carson

When you work for your older sister, it comes with some unexpected perks. One of those is that your boyfriend can arrange for you to have a day off without your knowledge. That's just what Carson did on October 30, 2019. I woke up and started to get ready for work, when my mom came in to tell me that Carson had arranged for me to have a day off, and gave me a list of things to bring.

I didn't know what the day would hold, but what started as just another day turned into one of the greatest days of my life so far.

After brunch and driving up to the mountains, I saw the sign for Linville Falls and knew we were going on a hike. Despite some light rain and chilly temperatures, we had fun hiking our way to the falls. It was beautiful when we arrived!

We settled in at the falls, and Carson pulled a towel out of his backpack for me to sit on. As I sat down on a huge rock, he told me he wanted to read me a love letter he had written. As he read, I was filled with so much thankfulness and happiness.

Carson reading his letter with the falls roaring beside us is a moment that I will cherish forever. It is one of those rare times in life when you are truly focused on the one thing in front of you, and it feels like the world has completely stopped for this moment. I’m getting butterflies just writing about it. As soon as he finished reading, he put his letter into his backpack and pulled out a brown box.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Then it started pouring rain.

As he was kneeling, the first thing I said was, “are you serious?” After he asked the question I said “yes” at least five times.

I jumped off the rock into his arms. All I could do was tell him I loved him over and over again (and there may have been a few tears, too.) It was raining so hard, and we were getting soaked to the bone.

As we finished hugging, he wanted to show me the ring. It was absolutely breathtaking and even though it was nothing like I ever expected for myself, I knew it was made just for me - it's pink!

When we got home and told my family, they were thrilled! Carson and I will get married this fall at Old Haigler Inn - the first wedding on the schedule! It means so much to us to be able to get married there!

We'll be blogging periodically about our journey as a couple getting married at Old Haigler Inn. Follow along to see our journey.

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