How a Crazy Dream Came to Life

Hi friends, it’s been way too long since we shared our story.

I’m Starr.

This is a space where I’ll attempt to unravel the story of our lives. Our dreams. Our failures. Our adventures. Our shortcomings. Our sweetest and hardest moments. If anything, I want a place where one day my children can look back and have a glimpse into the heart of their mom and all that our busy lives entailed as we learned to chase after the calling God has set before us.

So here we are.

Where do we even begin?

All I know to tell you is that God planted a crazy dream in our hearts many years ago.

My best guess is that Brian and I started dreaming about a big crazy thing around 2011ish…that’s 10 years ago for those keeping up with a timeline.

We wanted to build a place. A property. A space for rest. A place for ministry. A place for people just like us to go and get away and feel like they’ve stepped into another world – a world of quiet and rest and love and space to just be and dream and connect.

We had no earthly idea how to do it, or where to begin. All we knew was to continually take the next right step in front of us each day, asking God to guide our decisions and plans.

There’s been so much that has happened since that dream began. It’s hard to explain and even harder to wrap my head around where we are today. While I’ve been trying to figure it all out and just hanging by a moment keeping up with the chaos, we’ve been living out our crazy dream in real life. How did this happen?

We randomly listed the home we’d been living in while renovating (don’t ever do this unless you are crazy) on Airbnb in late January of 2020.

Carriker Cottage. It was an experiment of sorts. Would anyone really come to Mint Hill, NC to stay at our properties if we built something here in the future??

As of today, we’ve hosted over 2,200 guests at our properties.

Two thousand, two hundred p e o p l e.

I don’t even know how to calculate what that equates to in beds made, towels washed, toilets cleaned….you get the idea.

It’s been scary. It’s been risky. It’s been terrifying, honestly.

It’s been more than we could have ever imagined. I’m not sure how it all came to be. Sitting down to sort out our story helps me see God’s hand in every turn, every door shut, every door open.

Remember. Always remember.

Today, my day began by opening an email with this subject:

“We Featured You in An Article”

Honestly, I almost glanced over the title and left the email unread like the other 240,000+ other unread emails in my inbox….

Somehow, it caught my not-so-morning-self eyes:

Scrolling…what is this? Spam mail???

WAIT!! That’s OUR AIRBNB!!!!

It’s hard to comprehend the story behind that home you see featured above. I don’t have enough space or time to sort it all out here yet. Hopefully, God will give me the words and wisdom in how to relay His faithfulness in the midst of my weakness and brokenness.

I’m just back here in my little corner of the internet to remind you…

Let’s begin again.


Whatever that thing is that you’ve been putting off and waiting for the moment to be right to begin again? Just begin.

It’s good to be back. We'll continue sharing our story here of how it all began at the Old Haigler Inn.