About Our Alcohol Policy...

"Why can't we have alcohol at our event?" Being a space that hosts gatherings and events, we get this question a lot. While we understand that it's perfectly normal to "raise a glass" in celebration at weddings and other events, serving or allowing alcohol at Old Haigler Inn is not permitted. We certainly don't want to rain on anyone's parade or place a damper on anyone's festivities, but it is a policy that we feel is best and necessary to be a good neighbor and member of the Mint Hill Community.

Old Haigler Inn is located in picturesque Mint Hill, NC. Mint Hill is a quiet, mostly residential area of wide-open spaces and beautiful country roads. Our alcohol policy is one way that we can honor our community and be a good neighbor to those around us. Not allowing alcohol allows us to help keep our guests, and the community around us, safe. We certainly don't want a guest to overindulge at an event and get behind the wheel at night on a darkened country road.

When we started the process of working with the community on our events space, we heard from community leaders that were concerned about the safety of Mint Hill and an increase in loud, late parties and intoxicated drivers. That's why we require events to end at 10 pm and we do not permit alcohol. These policies allows us to make good on our commitment to be a good neighbor while allowing you a safe place to celebrate.

If you're thinking about hosting at event with us, this is something we want you to be aware of up front. We would love to host your event, and we hope this helps you understand why we have this policy in place.