5 Reasons to Plan a Local Getaway this Fall

Fall is here, and it's a great time to get out of your routine, spend time with family, and enjoy being outside. But we get it... it's hard to "get away" when you're stuck at home. That's why we're suggesting you rent a place, get away for a night, a few days, or even a week if you can, and get a break from the pressures of your daily life. Here are five reasons why...

1: It’s easier on your budget!

It seems most people have been feeling the crunch lately, and a big-budget vacation doesn’t sound like the best idea right now, does it? Well that’s why a local getaway is the perfect option! You’re not going to be paying nearly as much for travel when you’re booking closer to home.

2: A chance to escape

Okay, so maybe a big budget vacation isn’t really an option right, now but we’ve all been stuck at home for MONTHS now. A local getaway is just what you need to reset and enjoy a change of scenery. Even if the escape is less than an hour away, it’s still a welcome change of pace.

3: Tranquility and calm

If you’re going to get away, you probably want somewhere calm, right? A staycation at a nearby cabin or Airbnb is perfect because they are designed for people wanting to avoid a crowd. It’s the perfect solution! It’s also the perfect spot to enjoy fall colors and cooler temps.

4: Avoiding airports and contact points

What’s the point of a vacation if getting there is a health risk? A local getaway not only allows you to avoid airports completely, but they also minimize contact points at roadside stops because you don’t need to travel very far. Less worry and more relaxation time sounds like a win to us!

5: More time for you

Your time is so precious and valuable, so why spend it on travel time? Booking a stay somewhere local cuts not only your travel time but your travel planning. You’ve probably heard about a couple of restaurants that you’d like to order from too. Now’s your chance!

From the very beginning, we wanted Old Haigler Inn to be a place of escape from the outside world - somewhere that you can relax and enjoy nature. All in comfort of course! The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and it’s the perfect time to book a fall staycation!

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